The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program 
is not just a Business Manual, 
it is a Business Relationship

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  The Mobile Dry Cleaning

     Success Program

      Your Program for Success


Starting a business is not easy but, with The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program you will find a partner dedicated to helping you make all that hard work meaningful and your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business a success.

The MDCSP is packed with proven techniques that help you bring more customers and more sales to your business. Techniques that can save you weeks and months of experimentation. You will discover business tools and sales tips targeted for developing and building a long term, successful, fulfilling career. 


The Mobile Dry Cleaning 
Success Program
is not just a Business Manual, it is a business relationship.  The MDCSP has been designed to support you through the entire set-up and operation of your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.

Let's assume you've applied the five steps for starting your mobile dry cleaning business and you have your first customer (a relative, neighbor, or friend). Where do you go from here? The MDCSP will show you how to get that next customer, and the next, and the next, and so on.

You may be a very gregarious or outgoing person and direct selling may be the tool you use to  drive hundreds of prospects to you each month, but, if you are more reserved and less aggressive, the indirect approach may be your specialty.  Whatever method works best for you, is discussed in the MDCSP. 

How to get your customers to work for you, what offers to make and when, and how to advertise without breaking the bank are just a few of the lessons contained in The Mobile Dry Cleaner Manual

Use the powerful profit-making strategy of email advertising. This is a simple strategy that is often overlooked by non-internet companies. It takes a few minutes to type a promotional message or coupon and e-mail it to your  customer list. Then again, if you like, you can use the actual letters, coupons, and  promotions included with the MDCSP to make this job even easier. For those unfamiliar with e-mail programs references are provided to help you better understand this advertising media. 

You can even use local retailers to promote your services. Many other small business owners will be happy to recommend  your service to their customers through a cross-promotion exchange. Learn how to approach those owners, what programs to offer and at the same time secure them as paying customers.  This technique is a win/win situation for both parties. 

Once you acquire your customer, you want them to regard you as their drycleaner and use your services week after week. Effective customer service and relationships encompass a large part of the Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual.

One satisfied customer can generate more new revenue than any other single source of paid or free advertising.  How to make your customer an ambassador of goodwill may be the most important information you will receive, not only for the Mobile Dry Cleaning Business, but for all entrepreneurs no matter what the product or service. A satisfied customer is your greatest asset

But that's not all!  The MDCSP reveals many other profit-making strategies. Every household and its members use dry cleaning at some time or another making every individual or family a potential customer. You are shown how to effectively tap those resources.

Learn how to start and operate a profitable Mobile Dry Cleaning Business from the author, Jerry Hill, a successful owner-operator of over twenty (20) mobile drycleaning routes with 42 years dry cleaning experience. Follow this proven step-by-step plan for successfully launching and operating your own Mobile Dry Cleaning Business. A proven program that will take YOU, a sincere, energetic individual on a journey towards the American Dream and to owning your very own, prosperous, long-term business. 


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