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The Mobile Dry Cleaning 
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 Join the 
Mobile Dry Cleaning 
Success Program 


Take advantage of this special offer and join the group of ordinary people  who are making extra-ordinary income

Compare the training and support offered in the MDCSP 
to the training found in many mobile dry cleaning franchise programs. See why we receive these kinds of unsolicited comments:


Thanks so much for the informative manual you sent out to us in December. We have researched purchasing a franchise specifically for Dry Cleaning delivery, and through that process ran across your website. Thankfully, I think we can say you have saved us 20+ grand!"
...Joanie F
San Jose, CA

Thanks so much for writing - and spending time on my
flyer. I LOVE what you've done with it! I had changed
the heading to the "don't have time to stop line" - but
I like this one better. It stands out and makes people
read it more!

Thank you for all your words of wisdom! It is always
very, very helpful and we both very much appreciate
...Wayne H
Newtown, PA


The MDCSP includes:

  • The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual - A step-by step plan for forming, launching, and operating a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.  
    Learn how to: 

    • Negotiate with the drycleaner, 

    • Advertise your business, 

    • Find your customers, 

    • Keep thorough records, 

    • Expand and growing your business, and 

    • Apply important customer service techniques. 

  • The Board Room - An information packed site where you'll receive:  
    , flyers, monthly promotions, and referral rewards that you can use time and time again. 
    Quality control tips to help you insure your customers are receiving the best product and service possible. 
    Suggestions and advice
    about promoting high profit services and expanding to other markets.

  • The Hangout- The Mobile Dry Cleaning Monthly Newsletter packed with marketing information, customer service tips, advertising advice, and industry related articles. Here you will also find timely household, fabric care, and stain removal tips that can be included in your promotional literature. This information, as a point of interest to customers and prospects alike, will increase reader attention.

  • The Cleaning Room - a password protected discussion group. A Mobile Dry Cleaning related forum where members who need or want to provide answers to questions can openly talk with other members of the Mobile Dry Cleaning Team.

  • E-mail Accessibility to the author for answers to your questions or suggestions you feel will benefit the group.

  • Use of the name, the Mobile Dry Cleaner.com, prefixed by your personal or business name. e.g. Ed- The Mobile Dry Cleaner.com or Atlas cleaners - the Mobile Dry Cleaner.com.

  • Free updates Whenever there is a change, addition, or update to The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business Manual, all Manual owners of record with a valid e-mail address will be sent those changes at no additional cost.

  • Trade Organizations and Suppliers A directory of National and Statewide Trade Organizations and suppliers is included with the Manual for further information and assistance with your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.

The MDCSP was created to teach you how to start a successful Mobile Dry Cleaning Business and to help you develop your managerial, sales and marketing skills promoting growth and long-term success.

In addition to the Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual and your membership support programs, we also include Five Free  Bonus Reports  carefully chosen to help you develop your own personal skills. 

  • Free Report #1 - Sales : 
    Achieve Excellence in Sales
    A clear, concise article describing sales techniques you can use when selling your services. Every social encounter results in a sale either consciously or unconsciously. This article presents tips that improve the chances of success for your conscious sales efforts. 
  • Free Report #2 - Direct Sales : 
    The Ten Steps To Success in Direct Sales -
    Ten important steps to consider when engaging in direct sales: 

    • How to turn NO to your advantage

    • What  magic word will finalize the sale

    • The importance of a positive attitude

    • Plus seven other tips to make you a success with Direct Sales 

  • Free Report #3 - Customer Relations : 
    Resolving Conflicts with a Client -
    Every business owner is, at one time or another, faced with a difficult situation where a client feels as though they were wronged. This report gives a case study of how one business owner turned a potentially difficult situation into a win-win outcome for both parties.
  • Free Report #4 - "One at a time, by one woman. Two hands, two feet, and very little brain." 
    The Daffodil Principle -
    A beautifully written story of one woman's determination and perseverance to accomplish her goals one at a time. A story that will move and motivate you to pursue your dreams and come to realize that we all can accomplish our goals no matter what they are if we just proceed one step at a time.
  • Free Report #5 - Advice and quotations from the world's richest people 
    Secrets of the Richest People -
    A must read report for anyone struggling or striving to realize their dreams or accomplish their goals.                                

    The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual  is packed with  advice and principles designed to help you make your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business a success, but this report is designed to make YOU a success.  It is loaded with sound advice and philosophies from the world's most successful people. People from all walks of life like yourself who created their own destinies. This is a report describing the deepest thoughts and philosophies of those who have risen to the top and who are willing to share the secrets of their success with the world.  This report is priceless to those heeding its message.  If you truly desire success, these principles, if followed, will show you the way.

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The Mobile Dry Cleaning 
Success Program

What would you expect to pay for all this 
information and support? 

A Mobile Dry Cleaning franchise can cost anywhere from $18,000.00 to $66,000.00 on up, plus 4% to 12% or more in royalty or licensing fees payable every month you own the franchise. 

But, to make this opportunity available to everyone regardless of financial position, we have created the Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program and priced it at a fraction of what you would pay in franchising fees, let alone the monthly licensing or royalty fees.


But to be sure you get this special price, you must act now, because the discount is an introductory offer and may be raised at any time.

Fortunately, if you purchase this exciting program today you take no risk. The Mobile Dry Cleaning Success Program- MDCSP is backed by a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. 

To help you get started immediately, you can choose from any of the following convenient payment options 

All Payment Options include the complete
MDCSP features:

MDCSP membership 
The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual
The Hangout - A Monthly newsletter Subscription
The Cleaning Room - A Discussion Forum
The Board Room - FAQ's, monthly promo, sales literature and general discussions and tips of the month.
Five Free Reports
E-mail Support
Free Updates


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Offered with 90day Guarantee
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Offered with 90day Guarantee
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The  MDCSP has been designed to 
maximize your chances for success!

Order Now 
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Member of The MDCSP 
and increase your chances for success!


Take advantage of this remarkable no-risk opportunity and begin a journey that will open a wonderful world to you and your loved ones

Join the 
Mobile Dry Cleaning 
Success Program

Start earning profits immediately.  Establish your customers now and, in almost no time at all, you can have a customer base generating  hundreds of  extra dollars per week, week after week.

  Use your new found earnings to:

  • Pursue your dreams

  • Reduce personal debt 

  • Pay for College

  • Buy a home

  • Take vacations 

  • Save for future expansion  

The profits and earnings are yours and 
can be used by you for whatever you desire.

With this program, you can own your own successful cash home business.  A business which earns you substantial income now and one with which you can realize your dreams.  A business which thrives on repeat sales- Establish a customer once and earn from them week after week. A business anyone can start. A business YOU can easily start! 

  Start your business part time from your home and, as your business grows, you can convert to full time. A business, which is your passport to financial independence. A business, which lets you control your own destiny. The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual  has helped make this happen for others. 
                   Now Make it happen for you.

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Now that you know about this no-risk way to start a cash home business the next move is up to you. Ask yourself one last question...

Are you truly sincere about changing your life? Do you seek the enjoyment of possessing the objects of your dreams, or do you simply enjoy dreaming?

If you have read this far, you are most likely not just seeking dreams, but you seek the realization of those dreams. Take the necessary action to make those dreams come true.  

Take advantage of this remarkable no-risk opportunity and begin a journey that will open a wonderful world to you and your loved ones.


For those who prefer to ORDER OFF-LINE By Check or Money Order:

90day Guarantee
Unconditional 100% Money Back No Risk Version

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