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The Mobile Dry Cleaning
 Success Program

Training & Support

You Are Not Alone    

No matter how easy the business, starting from scratch is no easy task. Without  proper guidance, preliminary arrangements for creating and starting a business can be very stressful.  Many business manuals instruct you how to perform these tasks, give you a list of reference material, then leave you to your own demise. 

Teamwork The MDCSP is more than a Business Manual, it is a business relationship.  You  become a part of the Mobile Dry Cleaning Family - a member of a team. You choose your level of participation, but every opportunity is afforded you to become an active part of this team.

Don't isolate yourself. It can be very lonely and stressful being the owner of a small, growing business. Your friends and family do not always understand the issues you face. You need a support group. Every Mobile Dry Cleaning Business owner in your  group has experienced these same feelings and can offer encouragement and advice.

We want our subscribers to succeed.  Not only are you provided a comprehensive instruction booklet, but follow-up programs such as e-mail support, The Cleaning Room  - a members only discussion group, and the The Hangout - the Mobile Dry Cleaning Monthly Newsletter, are placed at your disposal.

Imagine having someone you can email with any question about operating your business. Imagine being able to ask an expert's advice as you are trying to solve a perplexing problem, employing a new marketing technique, adding new territories, or increasing your services. Or,  imagine the pride you'll feel when you are able to offer advice to some other novice just starting his or her Mobile Dry Cleaning Business. 

Having the tools of e-mail and discussion groups at your disposal brings individual operators together. You come together as a group, and you can accomplish much more with group support than as an individual working separately.

The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program includes:

  • The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual  A step-by-step plan for forming, launching, and operating a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.  Here you will find tips for: negotiating with the drycleaner, advertising your business, finding your customers, keeping thorough records, expanding and growing your business, and customer service techniques. In short, we help you develop your managerial, sales, and marketing skills.

  • The Board Room - An information packed site where you'll receive:  
    , flyers, monthly promotions, and referral rewards that you can use time and time again. 
    Quality control tips to help you insure your customers are receiving the best product and service possible. 
    Suggestions and advice
    about promoting high profit services and expanding to other markets.

  • The Hangout The Mobile Dry Cleaning monthly newsletter packed with Mobile Dry Cleaning advice, customer service tips, advertising ideas, fabric care and stain removal information and industry related articles. 

  • The Cleaning Room  a password protected discussion group giving you the opportunity to talk with and question the author and other Mobile Dry Cleaning owners about their techniques and methods.

  • E-mail support to answer your questions or assist with troubling situations that may arise.

  • Use of the name, the Mobile Dry Cleaner.com, prefixed by your personal or business name. e.g. Ed-The Mobile Dry Cleaner.com, or Atlas cleaners - the Mobile Dry Cleaner.com, etc. 

  • Free updates Whenever there is a change, addition, or update to The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business Manual, all Manual owners of record with a valid e-mail address will be sent those changes at no additional cost.

  • Trade Organizations and Suppliers A directory of National and Statewide Trade Organizations and suppliers is included with the Manual for further information and assistance with your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.

The MDCSP was created to teach you how to start and operate a successful Mobile Dry Cleaning Business and to increase your chances to become one of America's millionaires.

The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual tells you:

  • How to plan your business

  • What supplies are needed

  • How to choose and negotiate with a drycleaner

  • How to price for profit

  • How and where to find your customers

  • How to get customers

  • How to get your customers to work for you

  • How to give great customer service

  • How to promote services that generate profits of 200 - 300% 

  • How to effectively budget your time

  • How to apply Mobile Dry Cleaning Marketing techniques

  • How to get free advertising

  • How to create flyers and coupons and actual samples you can use.

  • How to properly maintain your records

  • How to sell supplemental services

  • How to expand your business for future growth and bigger profits.

  • How to Register your Business

  • Where to find National and Statewide Trade Associations.

  • And most important -"How to make money"


Start Your Journey Now!  

Learn how to start and operate your own 
Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.


The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program
and become a successful member of America's family of Mobile Dry Cleaners.


 Owning your own business and being your own boss is not for everyone,
 but for those who desire this rewarding challenge,
there can be no greater satisfaction

Study the biography of Rick Bolander and other businessmen and
learn the rewards of owning your own business.

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