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It worked!  
Compiling all 42 years of my husbands  
Mobile Dry Cleaning  experience into 
one easy-to-read manual kept our 
business alive and running

Busy At Work

About The Author

Gerald "Jerry" Hill has been in the dry cleaning industry for most of his working career. His career started  part-time in his family dry cleaning business at twelve years of age and continued through high school.

During his college years he left the industry to work at Rohm & Haas, a chemical corporation.  However, after earning a Bachelor of Science in business, he returned to the dry cleaning industry and joined his family in the retail drycleaning business starting in route operations with his own retail route.  After a year, he became a route supervisor, overseeing three routes and eventually became route manager with eight pick-up and delivery routes under his supervision. From route manager he was transferred to inside operations and eventually became general manager of the entire Cleaning operation.

Jerry eventually left the family firm to begin his own drycleaning business and purchased a retail drycleaning operation with a store location and eight retail pick-up and delivery routes.  During the next twelve years he increased his sales over 500% growing from eight delivery routes to eighteen.

Then one fateful day, his world crumbled around him.  Illness struck and an impending disaster emerged.

It all started February 2, 1996. We were driving home from an evening with friends, when he pulled over to the shoulder of the road and asked me to take the wheel.  As I slid into the driver's seat, he said he was losing consciousness and told me to call 911. 

By February 4th, 1996 the nightmare became reality.  The diagnosis was a suspicious growth requiring immediate surgery. As it turned out, my husband was diagnosed with two cancers: a stomach cancer which had invaded ten lymph nodes, and the early stages of liver cancer. The prognosis of recovery was less then 20% and we were advised to settle our affairs and to expect the malignancies to return within eight months to two years. 

Our world was collapsing, my husband, at 55,  with forty-two years in the drycleaning industry, faced a terminal illness and could no longer pursue his chosen career  . Fortunately, we owned our own retail pick-up and delivery drycleaning  business and with the help of family and employees, we were able to protect our income. 

Our biggest concern was transferring an on-going business to our young, inexperienced son, but  life's unpredictability left us no choice.  My husband's health no longer enabled him to run the business, and my days were being spent by his side transporting him from one treatment facility to another. A corporation was formed and our son assumed the operation and management of our business.  

Our dry cleaning business was originally founded in 1913 and was purchased by my husband in 1985.  We were determined, as a family, that we were not going to see the demise of this magnificent business  - A business that had given us and the families before us all the pleasures and comforts of life we desired.  The solution - design a step-by-step manual detailing my husband's methods and policies that could be followed  to keep the business running.

It worked!  Compiling all 42 years of my husbands  Mobile Dry Cleaning  experience into one easy-to-read manual kept our business alive and running.  Now, six years later with my son at the helm, we are showing better profits than ever before. Our business operating  from the same location, supports both our families in addition to sixteen employees and their families. Our customers love our service and we are proud of our great customer relations policies and the constant referrals and repeat sales from our satisfied clientele.

The best part of this story is the Doctor's were proven wrong and my husband and I still share life's treasures.  His well-being hasn't been without difficulty and he has not been able to return to his old duties, but he is still in tune with the major marketing decisions and operation of the business. 

Had we not designed the step-by-step Mobile Dry Cleaning Business Manual and were able to continue with our income, I think we would have experienced a totally different outcome. If our business had faltered and our income lost, I fear the additional pressures and stress caused by financial instability would have been too much to bear and the medical prognosis may have been accurate.

Now You Too Can Benefit 
From Our Experience

I was so thankful for the second chance life had given our family and was so pleased with the results of the  Mobile Dry Cleaning  Manual, that I decided to make it available to others overburdened with life's challenges or to those simply seeking to change or better their lives.

The manual includes the original information describing how to operate a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business, and has been redesigned to include  start-up techniques, and the utilization of modern marketing techniques.  

Legitimate Opportunity

Before proceeding any further, let me assure you, the Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is a legitimate opportunity! While my husband was going through recuperation, he researched thousands of work-at-home opportunities. He came to recognize that the majority of the programs he investigated were weighted to benefit the founders and did little to help those who needed it the most.  The promise of instant easy wealth is very appealing.  Millions of people play to win the State lotteries, but like all other get-rich-quick schemes, the odds of that happening are in the millions-to-one.

He would tell me:

 "If those truly interested in making money and owning their own business would  examine the tried and tested service industries, they would find a wealth of opportunities.  

People are always looking for someone to do for them the things they can't do for  themselves or don't have the time to do and are willing to pay to get those things   done."                                  
                                        ..Jerry Hill

Make no mistake about it, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.   It is a home-business opportunity that needs planning, nurturing, and tilling. It is a business and like all other successful businesses, it requires attention, but once its seeds are properly planted, its fruit will grow for many years to come.  Approach this business as a career concept, be willing to "show up for work" at the scheduled times, and you too can be very successful.

This is a business opportunity that has been very generous to my family.  It has enabled us to travel throughout the U.S. to places like the California Coast, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Alaska, Hawaii, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and New England.  We have been to Bermuda, The Bahamas, The Western Caribbean, Canada, and Nova Scotia.  We vacation every summer at the New Jersey Shore and in the winter in Long Boat Key, Florida.  Before my husband became ill and we chose to downsize, we owned a five bedroom home with an in ground swimming pool, and a vacation home at a popular ski resort. We have sent our two children to college and lavishly spoil our four grandchildren. 

There is no guarantee you will achieve the same results, but with desire, determination, and persistence, a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business  is the vehicle that can fulfill your dreams. 


If You Are Ready To Start A New,
 Rewarding, And Exciting Career


The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program
and become a successful member of America's family of Mobile Dry Cleaners.


 Owning your own business and being your own boss is not for everyone, but for those who desire this rewarding challenge, there can be no greater satisfaction

To Further Examine 
This exciting Business 

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