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 The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual 
is your travel brochure 
to financial security


The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual


Your Passport to a 
Financial Journey


The Mobile Dry Cleaning  Manual was originally written for the purpose of insuring the growth and stability of an 89 year-old on-going retail pick-up & delivery  dry cleaning business threatened by the sudden loss of its owner-operator. The application of the Manual proved so effective that it was decided to make this information available to anyone who truly desires to start their own home business. 

Choosing the road to financial security and starting a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is compared to taking a journey.  You plan, pack, and embark for your destination. The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual is your travel brochure. When you are lost or need advice, go to the manual or the MDCSP support system to set you back on track. Stay within the guidelines and the journey can be a rewarding, successful trip.

The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual teaches you:

  • How to plan your business

  • What supplies are needed

  • How to choose and negotiate with a drycleaner

  • How to price for profit

  • How and where to find your customers

  • How to get the customer

  • How to get your customers to work for you

  • How to properly serve your customers

  • How to promote services that generate profits of 200 - 300% 

  • How to effectively budget your time

  • How to apply Mobile Dry Cleaning marketing techniques

  • How to get free advertising

  • How to create flyers and coupons with actual samples you can use 

  • How to properly maintain your records

  • How to sell supplemental services

  • How to expand your business for future growth and greater profits.

  • How to Register your Business

  • A directory of National and Statewide Trade Associations.

  • And most important -"How to make money"

 The manual is packed with advice teaching you how to start, run, and grow your business. 

Each chapter portrays different aspects of an exciting, wealth generating journey. A journey that starts with desire and ends with the fulfillment of the traveler's dreams. 

An Overview Of The Journey

Chapter I paints a picture of your entire journey:

  • What necessities are needed (supplies)

  • The best method of travel (how to choose your drycleaner)

  • How to manage your finances (establishing prices and estimating costs)

  • How to reach your destination (Marketing and Sales)

  • What to do when you arrive (operating and expanding your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business)

Beginning with Chapter II, you are taken on a guided tour.  Your travel brochure, The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual, takes you step-by-step through this adventurous journey.

Planning The  Journey

As in any journey, you have to decide where and when you are going and how will you get there - you must make a plan.  A business plan, a fundamental requirement for starting any business, summarizes the business goals and methods of operation. You don't simply make the statement, " I want to start a business" and the ingredients fall into your lap. The statement was the first step in your business plan, but now you must decide what business to start, how to start it, where to start it, what resources are needed, and what you seek to accomplish.  Your plan can consist of a few basic principles or can involve complex statements describing every small detail. You decide the scope of your business plan, but it is imperative that a plan be  developed. Sample questions and possible solutions are presented in  Chapter II to guide you through the planning process.

Packing For The Journey

The itinerary is established. Your business plans are complete. The journey and the destination have been identified. Now you must pack. Just as there are three groups of articles to pack: clothing, personal care items, and money, so are there three ingredients needed for the Mobile Dry Cleaning journey: a drycleaner to do your work, supplies, and profitable pricing and budgeting policies.

   Chapter III discusses each group in detail:

A drycleaner to do your work

  • How to find a drycleaner, 

  • What to look for when making your decision 

  • How to negotiate for services and prices 

  • How to insure a working relationship

Necessary Supplies

  • Supplies are conveniently itemized for you, accompanied by a detailed description on  their use and where they can be obtained.  

  • If you are working on a shoe-string budget, fear not, as these supplies can be found in your home.

Pricing Policies

  • A very simple pricing yet profitable technique is demonstrated 

  • If  more detailed pricing control is desired, a comprehensive formula is demonstrated that allows you the flexibility to determine your own profit margins and costs.

  • Selective pricing, a very effective profit-making technique, is introduced that enables you to charge more for increased services, yet maintain the flexibility to be competitive in tighter markets. 

Traveling The Journey

"Your bags are packed; your ready to go.." Your standing at the threshold but you need a vehicle to take you on your journey. This  vehicle- your customer - was discussed during your planning stage, but how is he/she acquired? 

The Manual will reveal many marketing options such as:

  • The absolute foolproof method for getting your customers, 

  • How to create coupon promotions, flyers and other sales literature

  • Marketing techniques that work 

  • Free advertising, 

  • Charitable organizations, 

  • Associated businesses 

Once you acquire a customer, keeping them becomes a top priority.  It is  easier to sell additional services to existing customers than to new customers.  A trusting relationship has already been formed, and established customers are much more receptive to future promotions than strangers. This section of the manual teaches you how to keep your customer.

Good records are important to any business and they help management  identify a business's strength and weakness. The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business  is no exception. Just as you keep photos and memoirs of your journey, you should also keep informative records of your business.  

You will learn

  • What records are important

  • Samples of a customer information log 

  • What  customer information is important 

  • How to use and protect that information.  

  • Accounting and financial requirements 

Highlights Of The Journey

You have arrived!  The journey has begun and your destination is in site.  

  • You have your customers 

  • You've created repeat sales 

  • You've collected your profits 

  • And you are now postured for success.  

Your dreams have come true and it's time to enjoy the fruits of your journey. Your goal has been accomplished - operating a successful  business! The threshold of greater dreams is just before you and are now poised to convert this journey to a full-time venture. If expansion is on your mind Chapter IV will point you in that direction.  

You will learn:

  • What specialty services can evolve into a fulltime business 

  • How to expand your  markets

  • How to use employees to generate more profits for you. 

A Daily Itinerary Of The Journey

The final chapter of The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual describes the daily operation of a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business. The itinerary details an hourly description of a typical day in the journey. Observe the hour-by-hour steps taken to perform your duties during a 41/2 hour workday.

Finally, The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual includes a directory of National and Statewide Trade Organizations established to assist and inform members of the Dry Cleaning Industry about current Industry related events.

The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual  and The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program has been designed to help you start and establish a profitable home business. The MDCSP shows you how to  start this business with literally no investment if you so desire, or how to wisely invest your money in result oriented marketing, advertising, sales literature and customer appreciation techniques to reach your goal sooner.  

Whatever course you choose:
The MDCSP  is here to help you if you are sincere about your future.


Start Your Journey Now!  

Learn how to start and operate your own 
Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.


The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program
and become a successful member of America's family of Mobile Dry Cleaners.


 Owning your own business and being your own boss is not for everyone, but for those who desire this rewarding challenge, there can be no greater satisfaction

The Information Continues 

  • Meet the Author and discover why the manual was created. 

  • Compare the training and support offered in the success program to the training found in many mobile dry cleaning franchise programs.

  • Read what others say about the Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program.


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