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""If those truly interested in making money 
and owning their own business 
would  examine the tried and tested 
service industries, they would find 
a wealth of opportunities..."
                                           Jerry Hill


Are You Looking For
           A Profitable,
Low Cost             
 Business You Can Start From Home?

      Mobile Drycleaning is the answer         

         "Drycleaning has one of the lowest failure 
rates of any new business...
It is one of ten fields that do not sound glamorous,
but often make their owners millionaires."

                                         ...U.S. News & World Report

This Small Business Can Fulfill Your Grandest Dreams and
I can show you how 

Mobile Drycleaning is a 167 Year Old  Industry 

Mobile Dry Cleaning is a profitable, uncomplicated, pick-up and delivery service. The Mobile Dry Cleaning operator offers a cost effective time-saving service to the consumer.  Weekly scheduled pick-up and delivery of drycleaning and  laundry, to the consumer's home or workplace generating weekly repeat sales.  You can start part time and work around your existing schedule as you create the option to develop a full time career. 

If you are ready to move up toward financial independence, and you are willing to invest in your future,  you will find a tremendous opportunity for growth, profit, and wealth within this multi-billion dollar industry. 

As a Mobile Dry Cleaning business owner, you perform the pick-up & delivery services and your contracted dry cleaner performs the cleaning process.

There is no need to learn any special skills!

  • Anyone can succeed in this business. 

  • You need no special skills or higher education.

  • You can start with absolutely no investment.

  • You won't find a safer, less complicated home business opportunity anywhere. 


                     Van at curbside                                  

Mobile Dry Cleaning                
A safe, secure  business 
  you can start immediately


The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business: 

  • Is suitable for anyone regardless of skill level, education, or financial position.

  • Is ideal for working moms, students, heads of households, executives, professionals, or anyone wanting their own business.

  • Is a cash business generating weekly repeat cash sales.

  • Begins earning profits the very first day and continues earning profits each successive day.

  • Can be operated from home in your spare time, starting small, devoting a few hours a week, or as a full-time venture. 

  • Can be operated profitably with a single vehicle or with a fleet of vehicles.

Studies have shown that convenience and nearness to home are the primary reasons for choosing a drycleaner. The trip to the drycleaner is a weekly chore most people would happily avoid. By offering a pick-up and delivery drycleaning service you are, in effect, bringing the dry cleaner to the customer, satisfying the primary reason for choosing a dry cleaner, and saving your customer valuable time each week.

 No Experience Necessary 
No Stock To Maintain 
No Rent To Pay

No prior experience or knowledge of dry cleaning is required. No store front or rental property is needed. There is no inventory to stock, no special equipment or machinery to purchase. It is even possible to operate without a vehicle.

All you need is the ability to provide exceptional customer service and the desire to succeed at your own business

Exciting Things Can Happen

Once you recognize the opportunity presented to you by The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business, and greet it with desire and determination, exciting things begin to happen. To help you capitalize on that excitement, there is The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program- MDCSP. An on-going continuous program that guides you through the set-up and operation of your own Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.  

No Franchise Fees 

The Mobile  Dry Cleaning Success Program 
Helps You Develop A 
Risk Free Business Of Your Own!  
Without the Cost Of Expensive Franchises

"Thanks so much for the informative manual you sent out to us in December. We have researched purchasing a franchise specifically for Dry Cleaning delivery, and through that process ran across your website. 
Thankfully, I think we can say you have saved us 20+ grand!

...Joanie F
San Jose, CA

"The manual is great! This was my first experience as a young entrepreneur, and I've learned so much. Thank you!"

Isaac Dabah
Los Angeles, CA


The MDCSP was developed to assist you in turning your dreams into a money-making home-based business. Everything you need to start a profitable Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is revealed 

  • There are no royalty fees! 

  • You are not obligated to purchase any supplies or pay monthly co-operative advertising fees. 

  • Every penny you earn, you keep! 

  • In addition to money saving techniques, you will receive the same first-hand marketing advice and techniques as those paying between $18,000.00 - $64,000.00 or more for  franchise or licensing fees. 

  • You will also learn important street-wise secrets used successfully by the author Jerry Hill and his sales representatives to develop over twenty successful Mobile dry cleaning territories.

The MDCSP teaches you:

  The MDCSP membership includes:

  • The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual

  • The Board Room -  An information packed site where you'll receive:  
    , flyers, monthly promotions, and referral rewards that you can use time and time again. 
    Quality control tips
    to help you insure your customers are receiving the best product and service possible. 
    Suggestions and advice about promoting high profit services and expanding to other markets.  

  • The Hangout -The Mobile Dry Cleaning monthly newsletter  

  • The Cleaning Room - A Members only discussion group

  • E- mail support and suggestions to improve your services or increase your bottom line.

  • A system dedicated to your success, long term on-going support at your disposal to answer questions and suggest solutions to your problems. 

You bring the desire and 
The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program 
will show you how to make money


"If those truly interested in making money
 and owning their own business would 
examine the tried and tested service industries, they would find a wealth of opportunities.  

People are always looking for someone 
to do for them the things they can't do 
for themselves or don't have the time to do 
and are willing to pay to get those things done."

                                                             ...Jerry Hill

How Do I Start And Develop 
  A Mobile Dry Cleaning Business?

Five easy steps are all that is required to start a 
Mobile Dry Cleaning Business:

  1. Have a desire to succeed in your own business

  2. Find a drycleaner to do your work

  3. Take your customers soiled garments to the drycleaner

  4. Return the cleaned garments

  5. Collect the retail drycleaning price, pay the drycleaner the wholesale charges and keep the difference.

If you are searching for:

  • A new life or career 

  • Fulfillment of your grandest dreams

  • The pride and reward that owning your own business brings

  • An improved lifestyle

  • Extra funds to ease the burdens of everyday living

  • Tuition or retirement savings

but have not found the direction needed to achieve these goals, look no further!

Success begins with information and the Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program is packed with information. The MDCSP guides you step-by-step through each of the five stages of starting your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business. But it doesn't stop there! You are shown how to operate, promote, and grow your business. And, what to do after your business matures.   

We Want You To Succeed. 

That is precisely why we created The Board Room - where you will find Coupons, flyers, monthly promotions, and referral rewards for your use, quality control advice, suggestions and advice for expanding to other markets and promoting supplemental high profit services. 

That is why I opened The Cleaning Room - a private discussion group.    

That is why I publish the The Hangout - a monthly newsletter loaded with success creating information and tips.

And, that is why I provide e-mail support to help you with issues that demand immediate attention. 

I care.  I care about my product.  I care about you as a subscriber to the MDCSP.  I care about your success and I make a promise to provide as much support as we can to help you attain the American Dream.

Start Your Journey Now!  

Learn how to start and operate your own 
Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.

Order Now

The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program  
and become a successful member of America's family of Mobile Dry Cleaners.


 Owning your own business and being your own boss is not for everyone, but for those who desire this rewarding challenge, there can be no greater satisfaction.

Want To Know More About 
This Exciting Opportunity?

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