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The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual


Your Passport to a 
Financial Journey


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The Mobile Dry Cleaning  Manual was originally written for the purpose of insuring the growth and stability of an 89 year-old on-going retail pick-up & delivery dry cleaning business threatened by the sudden loss of its owner-operator. The application of the Manual proved so effective that it was decided to make this information available to anyone who truly desires to start their own home business. 

Choosing the road to financial security and starting a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is compared to taking a journey.  You plan, pack, and embark for your destination.  The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual is your travel brochure.  When you are lost or need advice, go to the manual or the MDCSP support system to set you back on track. Stay within the guidelines and the journey can be a rewarding, successful trip.

The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual teaches you:

  • How to plan your business

  • What supplies are needed

  • How to choose and negotiate with a drycleaner

  • How to price for profit

  • How and where to find your customers

  • How to get the customer

  • How to get your customers to work for you

  • How to properly serve your customers

  • How to promote services that generate profits of 200 - 300% 

  • How to effectively budget your time

  • How to apply Mobile Dry Cleaning marketing techniques

  • How to get free advertising

  • How to create flyers and coupons with actual samples you can use 

  • How to properly maintain your records

  • How to sell supplemental services

  • How to expand your business for future growth and greater profits.

  • How to Register your Business

  • A directory of National and Statewide Trade Associations.

  • And most important -"How to make money"

 The manual is packed with advice teaching you how to start, run, and grow your business. 

Each chapter portrays different aspects of an exciting, wealth generating journey. A journey that starts with desire and ends with the fulfillment of the traveler's dreams. 

For a more comprehensive chapter by chapter description of the Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual, continue navigating through this site or click here now. 


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 Owning your own business and being your own boss is not for everyone, but for those who desire this rewarding challenge, there can be no greater satisfaction.

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