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The Mobile Dry Cleaner

Group Discussion

Members Only

This page you requested is the entrance to the protected area of the MDCSP members only section which requires you to be registered for admission. Here members gain access to the following features:
  • The Board Room  The meeting place for all MDCSP members. Here we work as a group.  Everyone has their own business and their own private goals, but by co-operation with each other and through a healthy exchange of ideas, each one of us can move one step closer to the successful realization of our goal.

    Here members will find:

    The Board Room

    • Marketing tactics - Customer referral  rewards and techniques, coupon promotions, flyer and sales letters programs, cross-promotion advertising and other advertising advice that brings sales and customers to your mobile business.
    • Career enhancing advice for newbies and professionals alike. New avenues to pursue within the mobile dry cleaning framework are explored with the intent to expose members to present and future possibilities. 
    • Consumer related information offering fabric care and home cleaning tips.
    • Online directory of archived articles, newsletters and publications from the MDCSP.
  • The Cleaning Room The MDCSP forum that enables you to network with other members with whom you can exchange information, swap ideas, and submit questions and/or solutions.
  • The Hangout - The MDCSP monthly newsletter introducing basic and proven techniques and principles chosen to create an  environment where all members have the opportunity to succeed.






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