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Selecting A Dry Cleaner

If you are presently using a local drycleaner and/or know one who is willing to work with you and help get you started, use his or her services. When working with others, it helps being affiliated with someone you know and trust. The drycleaner can also provide you with needed supplies.

If you are not familiar with a dry cleaner, check your telephone directory for a list of dry cleaners in your area. Contact them and ask if they offer wholesale drycleaning. Do they provide a complete package, (tagging garments for identification, drycleaning, pressing, and packaging), what is the turnover time for completing orders, what additional services do they provide, and what do they charge per item. 

 After surveying several dry cleaners, choose the one who offers:

  • The highest degree or reliability

  • The most services

  • And the best value for those services

A word of caution is prudent. While the motto “the lower the cost the higher the profit” is the ideal pursuit, value for dollars spent should not be totally ignored. If a dry cleaner quotes a higher item price but provides better services and/or reliability, carefully weigh the pros and cons of his service. In the end, while the cost may be slightly higher, the quality of work or the extent of services offered may more than offset the advantages of lower cost. It may be wiser, during the earlier learning stages of your new business, to sacrifice some profit margin for better services and a solid working relationship.

The MDCSP teaches you what to look for in a drycleaner, how to arrive at a fair price for his/her services and how to determine the ingredients for best value.  You'll want to be able to separate the competent, professional from the careless, get-it-done operator who takes risky chances and short cuts with your product.

the MDCSP shows you how to negotiate and communicate with the drycleaner. Creating a solid relationship is very important to the success of your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business and The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual goes into lengthy detail teaching you how to approach this issue.

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