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We have researched purchasing a franchise specifically for 
Dry Cleaning delivery...
Thankfully, I think we can say 
you have saved us 20+ grand!

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Sir, this is the best information I have read or even saw on this business......I thank God that this Manual is available to new up and coming business owners.....Thanks again.....Our doors open for service June 2010.......We have two businesses and 18 committed customers already....one church is straddling the fence on us but I think the choir director will seal the deal once he gets back next week.....Thanks

Thanks so much for the informative manual you sent out to us in December. We have researched purchasing a franchise specifically for Dry Cleaning delivery, and through that process ran across your website. Thankfully, I think we can say you have saved us 20+ grand!

...Joanie F
San Jose, CA

"...We're gaining 1 to as many as 7 new customers per day, and this in the face of two local competitors (Sav-U-Time, a local in parternship with a dry cleaners called Master Kleen, and a Pressed-4-Time franchise operator), neither of which get to my dry cleaning and shirt service price point.  Adding the coupons to the handout helps a lot, and we're keeping the "try me" first-timers.  In offices, particularly car dealers and medical offices, a herd thing is happening...Well, sir, I just wanted to let your know your assistance and knowledge are being used as fully as I am able, and I believe our prospects are improving rapidly... Thank you again for your attention and help to my still tiny but promising enterprise."...

...Dave S.
Greensboro, NC


I took my "bags" to the two customers who wanted to sign up, and they both wanted their cleaning done right away, so I have three
orders sitting in my living room, that need to get
done before tomorrow afternoon! I'm as proud as a
first time Mom! I mentioned to them the "referral"
coupon and my first customer said that she "loves"
doing referrals! She said she "loved" my service!
Pretty cool! Boy, that feels good

...Lynette H
Spokane, WA

Your suggested "spiel" helped me tremendously. By knowing what to say, exactly, it lets me get over being nervous. I had a few people say - "boy, you're good". One guy today jokingly offered to let me clean
his running jacket for free - I said we would, but he

...Kim W.
Wrightstown, PA

Thank you so much for your perspective & advice. Your thinking makes everything simpler.  Overall, I feel better prepared & more knowledgeable and I thank you for your excellent assistance once again.

Susan in TN.

Thanks so much for writing - and spending time on my
flyer. I LOVE what you've done with it! I had changed
the heading to the "don't have time to stop line" - but
I like this one better. It stands out and makes people
read it more!

Thank you for all your words of wisdom! It is always
very, very helpful and we both very much appreciate

...Wayne H
Lakeland, FL

Hi there,  we received the manual and it is great!  We really appreciate the info....

Jennifer R
Moreno Valley, CA

I had the franchise before I purchase the manual  I found the information very helpful in the manual.

I 'am always trying to find new way to increase business.

...Kevin N.
W. Leechburg, PA

THANKS ! Yep, the joy is a flowing! It is great
to get a customer! GUESS WHAT! I used your techniques
of going with a dry cleaned item and offering to clean
an item for free - and the first person I tried it on,

...Kathy L.
Flourtown, Pa

You have no idea how appreciative I am of your not only quick, but detailed responses

Charles B
Oceanside, NY

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The preceding comments are from those who have benefited from, or ordered  the Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual and have become members of the MDCSP.  Their comments and experiences are realized through individual efforts. The success of a Mobile Dry Cleaning business depends entirely on the efforts and actions of the individual and  use of the Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual or membership in The Mobile Dry Cleaning Success Program does not  guarantee this success.

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