Isukoshi Massage Chair Repair – A Comprehensive Review and Comparison with Real Relax


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The convenience and luxury of massage chairs have made them increasingly popular ogawa refresh l massage chair in recent years. With several brands offering a wide range of features, choosing the right one can prove challenging. In this article, we shall conduct a thorough review and comparison of two leading brands of massage chairs, Isukoshi and Real Relax, focusing specifically on their repair capabilities.

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Isukoshi and Real Relax Brand


The Isukoshi and Real Relax brands are both highly acclaimed in the massage chair industry. Isukoshi massage chairs are celebrated for their advanced features, such as zero-gravity positioning, heat therapy, multi-mode vibration, and other latest functions, offering the user the ultimate massage experience. Meanwhile, the Real Relax massage chairs are renowned for their affordability despite having similar features, such as zero-gravity positioning, heat therapy, multi-mode vibration, and other modern functions. For those seeking quality without breaking the bank, a chair from Real Relax may be an ideal option.

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Repairing massage chairs involves several factors such as warranty, customer service, and cost. Let us closely scrutinize the repair capabilities of Isukoshi and Real Relax.

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Repair Capability of Isukoshi and Real Relax Chairs

Both Isukoshi and Real Relax offer warranties on their products to ensure customer satisfaction. Isukoshi massage chairs come with a one-year warranty, which covers all the major components of the chair. On the other hand, Real Relax massage chairs have a more generous three-year warranty, which is remarkable compared to most of their competitors.

Regardless of the brand, electronic devices like massage chairs may encounter technical malfunctions or breakdowns over time. While both brands boast high-quality construction, these glitches could adversely impact the overall experience. Isukoshi and Real Relax understand this and provide exceptional customer service through various channels, including chat, email, and phone support.

Several customer reviews suggest that Real Relax has a slight edge over Isukoshi when it comes to customer service. The responsive customer support team at Real Relax ensures swift resolution of issues, creating an excellent customer experience. Moreover, their more extended warranty assures users of a worry-free experience even when significant problems arise during the initial years of ownership.

If users face any problems with their Isukoshi chair, they can request replacement parts from the company. They will either conduct repairs or replace the entire unit in extreme cases. However, the user will bear the cost of the parts, even if covered under the warranty period.

Real Relax offers greater flexibility in terms of warranty. They have a 30-day return policy, and if the user is not satisfied with the product, they can return it for a refund. They also replace parts at no extra cost. Real Relax is an excellent option for those seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on features or after-sales service.


Choosing between Isukoshi and Real Relax can be tricky, as both brands offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Isukoshi provides the ultimate premium and fully-loaded massage experience with advanced features. In contrast, Real Relax is more attainable, making it ideal for budget-conscious buyers who do not want to compromise on features or after-sales service.

Isukoshi is a perfect fit for those looking for a luxurious massage experience and are willing to pay a premium price. However, if affordability is the primary concern, Real Relax massage chairs are the go-to option. Purchasing either Isukoshi or Real Relax assures users of a first-rate massage experience that will meet their expectations.


Real Relax Massage chairs have become an essential addition to modern lifestyles and come with immense benefits for the mind and body. As such, when selecting a chair, one must consider not only the brand but also its repairability and the after-sales service offered. Both Isukoshi and Real Relax offer unique advantages, and the choice between them should depend on budget, preferences, and desired experience. Regardless of which brand users select, they can have utmost certainty that both Isukoshi and Real Relax will surpass their expectations.